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What is NLP?..

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a powerful set of techniques for achieving excellence in everything we do. What makes one person succeed when another fails? How is it that some people can debate nuclear physics in a foreign language while many of us still stumble over "two beers please!"? Is it that we are simply genetically wired to become either super achievers or also-rans, or can we change the programme?

NLP offers a way of understanding human communication and improving it - a way of working out what produces excellence and how we can each achieve it. The developers of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, "modelled" a number of remarkable achievers in field of psychotherapy, finding out exactly how they moved and spoke, what minute processes took place and precisely the sequence in which they happened. Their findings led to NLP - not so much a therapy (although it can be usefully combined with Hypnotherapy and with Life Coaching) - as something which can be learned, either individually, or in group teaching sessions.

An ideal way of exploring our own thinking patterns, NLP techniques and strategies can be learned by anyone, and often remarkably quickly. The techniques can help us to overcome fear and build self-esteem, remove phobias, overcome unwanted habits and learn to be more effective in virtually everything we do.


How is a NLP session conducted?

Individual sessions are conducted with the client sitting in a comfortable chair or lying on a couch (particularly if combined with Hypnotherapy). This is very much a talking process and the client may close their eyes from time to time to facilitate the use of their sensory imagination.


How many NLP sessions will be needed?

Remarkable results often occur after just 2 or three sessions. Sometimes it is useful to learn the techniques in small teaching groups rather than working individually with a licensed practitioner.


What is the cost of NLP treatment?

Sessions are charged at between £70/80 per hourly session, which includes all support material including specially recorded CD’s, as appropriate.