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What is Reiki?

Reiki is a Japanese form of healing. Mysterious and inscrutible. The first part of the word "rei" means guided, and the second part "ki" refers to the life force, the equivalent of the Chinese qi or chi, that flows through the meridian channels.

Reiki is very much a form of spiritual healing rather than a therapy. In its purest form, Reiki is in fact much more than a method of healing - it is a profound spiritual path. Many people who have experienced the healing power they can draw from Reiki, go on to follow that path and study the art for themselves.

Trained practitioners of Reiki act as the spiritual channel for healing energy to flow into their client. Reiki practitioners don't claim to be able to heal and neither do they claim that their client will necessarily be healed. What they do say is that the client's body will choose whether to "draw" the healing energy and what to do with it, and may heal itself or not.

Interestingly, the Reiki practitioner does not need to know why the client is there or what they would like to gain from the process. They do not even need to know themselves and they can simply trust that their innermost "self" will accept and utilise the healing in the most beneficial way.


How is a Reiki session conducted?

The client remains fully clothed, lying on a therapy couch and the practitioner applies gentle touch from the head right down to the toes. The process is very relaxing indeed and its not uncommon to fall asleep during it.

Sometimes clients experience emotional release - sadness, anger or intense joy. Afterwards the practitioner will, if the client wishes, sit down with them and, over a refreshing drink, talk about their experience.


How many Reiki sessions will be needed?

The average number of sessions is 4 or 5 over a period of time although many people who have experienced benefits decide they'd like to learn more and they carry on to have some training themselves, at least up to the first level.


What is the cost of Reiki treatment?

At Central England Holistic Therapies sessions are charged at £48 for the first session which  would last for an hourand a half. Any subsequent appointments would be for 1 hr and the cost would be £45.