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Counselling is available at our Kings Heath, Birmingham Therapy Centre.

What is Counselling?

Counselling is very much a listening therapy (that is, the therapist listening to the client). A skilled Counsellor is able to encourage rapport with the client so that they feel comfortable enough to be able to talk about whatever issues may be troubling them. This may be helped by the fact that the Counsellor is someone who, unlike a partner, family member or close friend, has no emotional attachment to them.

Generally speaking, counsellors do not offer advice or impose their own views and beliefs in any way, but instead they are skilled in techniques which can help the client to explore their own problems, worries and anxieties.

Clients may be unsure about what they want in their life. They may be depressed and feel that their life is pointless. Counselling can help them to look outwards rather than inwards and to come to an awareness of a life-purpose. Counselling may help the client to explore all possible options and to consider how perhaps taking a certain course of action will impact upon their life and whether it will help them to move closer to what they want in their life.


How is a Counselling session conducted?

The client sits with the Counsellor and is "given space" and, in their own time, encouraged to talk about whatever they wish. At no time should the client feel pressurised and they should feel that they can rely on and trust their Counsellor, completely.


How many Counselling sessions will be needed?

Counselling will normally consist of a number of sessions over a period of time, often weekly or fortnightly. The pace is set by the client.


What is the cost of Counselling?

At Central England Holistic Therapies, counselling sessions are charged at £45.00 - £65.00 per hour.