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Herbal Medicine is available at our Kings Heath, Birmingham Therapy Centre.

What is Herbalism?

It is probably safe to say the Herbalism is the oldest form of medicine known to man. In any ancient culture a tradition of some form of Herbalism will be found. Herbal medicines stayed at the centre of all medical treatments until the advent of modern synthetic chemical medicines. Now, research is discovering that natural herbs can be as effective as synthetic preparations and in some cases more so.

Herbal medicines work on a simple biochemical level to fulfill three primary functions: to cleanse, to heal and to nourish. Before a body can heal and bring itself the health, it needs to rid itself of the toxins and the dead and decaying matter that litter it. Herbs are used to aid elimination and detoxification.

The next step is to use the power of herbs to assist the body to lead itself back to optimum health. The herbs help to stimulate the body's own self-healing powers and attack the underlying causes of illness.

Lastly herbs are used to maintain the condition of bodily organs and nourish all the body systems helping to keep us on a healthy, even keel. The aim of Herbal Medicine is that by taking herbs over a period of time in moderate doses, the biochemical responses of the body will become automatic and will begin functioning for itself again even when herbs are no longer taken.


How is a Herbalism session conducted?

A detailed assessment including physical check-up will be carried out. Herbal remedies will be prescribed and guidelines given.


How many Herbalism sessions will be needed?

Difficult to say but guidance will be given at the consultation. it would be unusual to have less than 3 sessions and occasional maintenance sessions will be beneficial.


What is the cost of Herbalism treatment?

At Central England Holistic Therapies treatment with a qualified Medical Herbalist is charged at £45 for the initial consultation (about an hour and a half), and £20 for subsequent, half hour visits, plus the cost of the medicines.