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Hypnotherapy - Hypnotherapist Practitioner Kings Heath

Hypnotherapy Practitioner training course at Central England Holistic therapy centre Kings Heath Birmingham. We have training courses in all disciplines of Hypnotherapy, and clinical hypnosis, If you are looking for a career in Hypnotherapy our accredited hypnotherapy courses will help you archive your goals

-What is

Clinical Hypnotherapy is the application of the trance state of hypnosis for a therapeutic purpose. Practitioners will often use a variety of techniques including Counselling and behavioural techniques to assist the client to overcome emotional or anxiety related problems. Often clients wish to be able to achieve something which they currently perceive as being impossible, such as overcoming a phobia or an addiction or unwanted habit such as smoking.

Increasingly Hypnotherapy is being successfully used to assist clients to study and to memorise, including increasing their reading speed. It can also help with performance and test nerves and can provide valuable assistance with almost all psychosomatic illnesses such as migraine, stress, digestive problems including irritable bowel syndrome and muscular tension. Athletes and sports people also find that Hypnotherapy can greatly assist with mental rehearsal, concentration and goal achievement.

Sometimes Hypnotherapy will be combined with physical therapies such as gentle head and shoulder or body massage to achieve a blissfully relaxed state and a perfect environment for the bodies natural healing to take place. Clients are taught how to achieve the state of hypnosis themselves so that they can continue to enjoy the effects and work on the process at home.

Clients are sometimes a little wary to begin with since they imagine that the therapy involves them losing control and possibly blurting out their innermost secrets! In fact this is far from the truth and they are fully in control and can bring themselves out of trance at any time if they so wish. Once therapy begins they are normally enjoying the relaxed state so much that all they want is for it to not to end too soon! Often at the end of a session clients feel as if they have had several hours sleep even though they have been conscious the whole time.


How is a Hypnotherapy session conducted?

After a detailed assessment is made, the client is asked to sit comfortably in a chair, or if they prefer, to lie on a couch and then close their eyes. The practitioner talks soothingly and guides the client slowly and gently into a relaxed state of hypnosis by using their imagination, taking them on a pleasant mental journey.

In the state of trance, positive suggestions are made by the practitioner and a number of verbal problem-solving techniques may be used as appropriate. Sometimes it is useful for the client to allow themselves to regress (travel back mentally in time) to re-discover earlier periods of their life. Naturally there can be a certain amount of emotional release but the client is always in control and bring themselves back to the present, whenever they wish.


How many Hypnotherapy sessions will be needed?

Its difficult to say because of the wide range of conditions which may be treated and the fact that all clients are different and will make progress at different rates. Often improvements will be noticed after just one session, however a number of sessions (maybe four or five), over a period of time, are advisable to gain full benefit.


What is the cost of Hypnotherapy treatment?

At Central England Holistic Therapies hypnotherapy treatments are charged at £100 per session (50 minutes) and include all back up support material including specially recorded audio cassettes/CD's as appropriate. Out of hours appointments are also available and the fee again is £100.00.