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Beauty and Facial Treatments are available at our Kings Heath, Birmingham Therapy Centre.

Holistic Facial Treatment

A pampering facial during which the skin is cleansed and exfoliated. A clay mask chosen for your skin type is then applied to draw out any impurities from the skin, followed by a facial massage using specially blended essential oils. All product used are 100% natural.

The cost is £35 and the duration of treatment is 1hr 15mins

What is the treatment?

The treatment which is offered at the centre is a holistic approach where the appropriate organic products are skillfully applied along with therapeutic massage to enhance the skin's natural well-being and appearance.

The process begins with a treatment consultation, including a lifestyle check and an assessment of the client's skin type and any particular observations and concerns.

The facial skin is then thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated. The next stage is normally the application of a clay mask which is absorbent and removes impurities from the skin. The clay mask needs to stay in place for 15 minutes.

The clay mask is then removed and a full soothing facial massage carried out, using appropriate natural organic sweet almond or grapeseed oils together with an some aromatherapy essential oils.  Sometimes a moisturising mask is applied and afterwards the skin is toned and a moisturiser lightly applied.

The end result is assessed and aftercare advice given.


How is a session conducted?

The process is fully described above. The client usually removes their top garments and then lies on a couch and covers themselves with a towel. Only the head, neck, shoulders and arms are exposed.


How many sessions will be needed?

This is a blissfully relaxing therapy, so be warned! - its unlikely that you will just want one session. Often clients have sessions at regular intervals and feel that it helps them with confidence, self-esteem and calmness.


What is the cost of treatment?

At Central England Holistic Therapies treatment is charged at £35 per session of approximately an hour and 15 minutes.